Biking in Maui – Hawaii 2018

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Riding a bike in Maui could be a very surprising adventure.

OK, ok, Maui is the isle of sunbathing and surfing (and windsurfing too) but why don’t try to move by bike  from one beach to the other one? The sun always shines, the ocean breeze is cool and if it rains, it is warm enough to dry  all the clothes immediately.

Although there are no bike way as we know in Europe (except the one we found near the Kahului Airport), it is possible to ride without problems. All the roads have a bike lane (even the Highways around Kahului) with a green signal wide enough to ride safely. All the car drivers are respectful and the speed is very slow. North of Lahaina the coastal road is very quiet and when you find a signal like this you may feel like THE KING OF THE ROAD!

I’ve found also a long foot path north of Lahaina, near the beatiful beaches of the resorts; it is supposed to be dedicated to people who want to have a walk seaside but in this period I didn’t have any problem, it always has been empty.


Here there is a collection of good rides in Maui; after I’ve spoken with a bike shop assistant I decided to try the climb to Haleakala crater.

This are some photos of the bikepath round Kahulului airport.

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