Lahaina – Hawaii 2018

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We took a short  afternoon ride to Lahaina, in the sunset.

Lahaina was the capital of the isle and the hawaiian kingdom; it has an historical center with a lot of charme.

In the center there is an huge banyan tree, planted in 1873. At the evening, a lot of birds come across its branches and start chirping for an unbelievable concert.

After that we move to the Maui brewing Co., north of Lahaina; it’s a place to drink  good beers, despite the very cold AC, that is always present in every shop (and every bus, see bus transport in Maui later in this chapter) and really it  is not necessary. If they had a beer garden I think they will increase their business a lot.

Maui local beer.

Maui local beer.

I’ve found also local beers at the shop; sometimes it’s cheaper to buy beer instead of water; and the water in Maui is fresh and good.

Maui local beers, Hawaii

Maui local beers, Hawaii



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